Top 3 Announcements at NSC 2014

24 Sep

Check out our list of the top 3 most important announcements at NSC 2014.



iQ In The News

9 Jul

Back in January, we announced our launch of iQ Series, a revolutionary product line that delivers superior comfort through fabric and design innovation — without compromising the trust and safety of its wearers.  Read the announcement here: The Future Of FR Is Here

We’ve seen a huge amount of interest and excitement regarding iQ Series. We’ve only scratched the surface. Below is a list of links to all the buzz around town about iQ, the better, smarter, more comfortable FR gear that people will want to wear – and not just while they’re working.”



OSHA 1910.269 Q&A

19 Jun

Got Questions about OSHA 1910.269 and how it pertains to FR/AR Clothing? We’ve got Answers!

Click the link below to view our Q&A:


Bulwark OSHA 1910.269 Q&A




Bulwark to Unveil Revolutionary iQ Series™ at Safety 2014

8 Jun

This week we announced our plans to debut our much anticipated iQ Series Comfort Knits and Wovens at the American Society of Safety Engineers’ Safety 2014 Expo in Orlando (Orange County Convention Center, West Building, June 8-10).

The new iQ Series is set to rock the world of protective workwear wearability unlike ever before — thanks to a scientifically engineered new breed of comfortable FR apparel. Not only will attendees be able preview iQ Series garments, but we also plan to give attendees an exclusive look at the paradigm-shattering science from its co-development partner, Milliken™ & Company. Read more here.

No-Itch, Flame Resistant Clothes Podcast

1 May

Our VP, Chris Holcombe, spoke with Creative Safety Publishing recently about our new iQ Series products. “Hot. Heavy. Stiff. Itchy. If you’ve worn flame resistant clothing, you know what it feels like. But that’s all changing.” Click here to listen to the full interview. Talks About Polyester in FR Apparel

24 Apr

Hot. Heavy. Stiff. Itchy.

Anyone who has worn a flame-resistant (FR) garment might use the four adjectives above to describe the experience of wearing such apparel. However, for many workers throughout the oil and gas value chain, uncomfortable FR apparel is a necessary burden in order to protect oneself from flash fire hazards on the job.

“Most everyone at refineries must wear something for flash fire protection,” said Jan Newman, president of Rosedale, La.-based Medical/Professional Protective Clothing, Inc. (MED-PRO).

The extent of one’s FR garment coverage depends on one’s exposure to active plant units, she said. For instance, a craftsperson at greater risk of encountering a flammable event may wear coveralls and other protective gear while a supervisor might comply with safety regulations by wearing a FR shirt and pants, Newman explained.

“There are two major categories of FR fabrics used in the secondary FR protection market: natural fiber fabrics such as 100-percent cotton that are treated to be FR, and inherent fiber fabrics that are man-made to be FR in the fiber state and are then made into FR fabrics,” said Chris Holcombe, vice president and general manager of the FR garment maker Bulwark FR. “They both have their benefits and drawbacks. One must evaluate the fabrics’ cost, comfort and durability based on the job application to choose appropriately.” Read More


We Aren’t Sacrificing Comfort Anymore

7 Feb

Recently we announced that we have partnered with Milliken & Company to take a fresh approach to solving a decades-old challenge in the flame-resistant apparel industry – that comfort has to be sacrificed in order to provide the right level of safety. With the development of the Bulwark iQ Series, and its exclusive Amplitude G2 fabric, FR wearers will enjoy a new age of protective garments that are light, breathable, fashionable and superior in comfort.

In looking for an innovative partner that could help design a truly breakthrough solution, we quickly realized that Milliken & Company was uniquely qualified to solve the complex science and fabric challenges of today’s FR clothing. Our customer knowledge, job-related insights and garment design expertise produced a deeper understanding of the real problem to be addressed. These capabilities, combined with Milliken’s voracious appetite for FR and fabric innovation, led to the creation of Bulwark iQ series, a completely new experience to meet the needs of workers and linemen in the electric utility, oil and gas, emerging energy and NFPA 70E® (manufacturing) industries.

“Bulwark and Milliken & Company are driving the biggest innovation in flame-resistant apparel in 50 years,” said Chris Holcombe, Bulwark, vice president and general manager. “There is no other product like the Bulwark iQ series that meets the performance and comfort needs of FR wearers in the marketplace today. Typical FR apparel is heavy, hot and scratchy – tempting workers to shed their protective gear on the job in naturally unforgiving climates. Bulwark iQ series is FR apparel that workers will want to wear; not just need to wear.”

To read the full story on the innovating iQ Series, click here

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